How will the images be delivered?

Images will be delivered via a password-protected private online gallery which you can choose to share with your friends & family if you wish. Please let us now if you don't have access to a computer to download the images; we'll arrange to send a disc. Images will be available in both high-resolution  (perfect for printing), and lower-resolution (optimised & sharpened for sharing on social media). A good selection of the images will be duplicated, and edited in B&W as as well. The images will not be watermarked, and couples are free to make copies & prints from the files. 

How long before we receive our wedding photographs?

I always give couples a handful of preview images within a week of the wedding so that you have something to share and use for thank you cards. A full wedding will take up to six weeks, as each image is individually edited by hand. Often it can be much sooner than this, or very rarely it can take a little longer depending on the time of year and whether it's peak wedding season. I never like to rush through the editing process as I know the images are going to be treasured and shared for a lifetime and beyond. 

How far do you travel?

I usually cover weddings in Devon and Cornwall, but am more than happy to travel further afield when required. Weddings that are over 100 miles away will be charged at 30 pence per additional mile. If the journey is more than 2 1/2 hours then I will require accommodation the night before the wedding to ensure that I won't run into traffic problems on the day.

How do I secure my date, and when is payment due?

I take a deposit of £50 to secure a wedding photography booking. The remaining balance is then due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding day, but you can pay at an earlier date if it's more convenient.

Do you do engagement shoots?

I usually concentrate solely on the wedding day, but have covered several engagement shoots for my wedding couples if time permits in the busy Summer wedding season. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to find out a bit more.  

What happens if you're ill on the wedding day?

I have photographed nearly 250 weddings, and have never missed one I've been booked for yet! Sometimes things happen which are out of our control though, so I have a network of fabulous local wedding photographers in place ready to step in in an emergency situation. 


Can I post the images on social media sites?

Of course! They are your images to show off and share as you like. We do ask that you don't add filters or make any changes though. 

What are your photo books like?

They're beautiful! The printing quality from the company we use is exceptional - with deep, rich images. They photo books come with linen hardcovers, and book jackets with your chosen image on the front. The paper is pearl-coated, and they come in a range of sizes - all listed on the Kate Fierek Photography prices page

Can I pay extra to have a super duper luxurious photo album?

We're sure that you'll be delighted with our usual wedding photo books, but if you have had your heart set on a super super luxurious wedding album then we can also provide that. We work with Queensbury - who are widely considered to be the best wedding book makers in the world. They hand make their albums with stunning detail, and prices range from £300 - £2000 per album. 

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D800 and have a range of lenses to suit all situations on a wedding day. I haven't had to use them, but I  also take a back up camera/video camera to all weddings - which I keep close-to-hand just in case they're needed. I shoot on several memory cards throughout the day, and back up photo files three times when I get back to the studio. 

Very occasionally, if the lighting is poor, I will use photography reflectors in some situations - but this is rarely needed. 

I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere for post-production work. 

Can I make prints from the images provided?

Yes, your images won't be watermarked, and you will not be charged extra for a full free license. This means that you will be able to make as many prints, copies, and wedding photography related products as you like. You are also free to upload the images to Facebook and other social media sites. The copyright always remains with the photographer, so the only things you're not allowed to do is alter the images (no filters), or reproduce the images for resale.

We live outside of Devon & Cornwall so won't be able to meet you in advance of the wedding. Is that a problem?

Not at all! I've photographed weddings for tens of couples who live in the London area, or even further afield. We can easily go-over plans via email, FaceTime or phone.

How many images will we receive?

I usually take well over 2000 images for a full day's wedding, but typically choose around 400-600 of the very best ones to hand edit and deliver. The amount really does depend on the day and your plans. Any images that don't make the cut are only because someone is blinking, turning away from the camera etc.

Part-day coverage will usually give you between 200 and 400 images depending on how long I'm booked for. 


Do you use a flash in the church?

No. I've never met a vicar who's happy for me to use a flash, and I absolutely understand why. My camera and lenses are designed to cope in low light situations, so intrusion during the ceremony itself will be at a minimum. I prefer to utilise natural light as much as possible in all of my photographs.

What type of wedding photographs do you take?

I will capture all of the big moments of your day, but also LOVE photographing the natural happy moments between you, your friends, and your family. I am big on storytelling and will endeavour to capture all of the elements of your day as it unfolds. 

I favour spontaneous shots, but understand that most weddings require a few formal group shots as well ... They're great to give out as presents to relatives after a wedding! These group shots are normally planned in advance so as to ensure smooth-running, and will generally take around 30 minutes after the ceremony depending on how many groups there are.


I also take the bride and groom away for romantic couple shots after the ceremony, and am happy to guide people with gentle positioning if required here. I find that a laid-back stroll around the venue grounds works well  - so it's nothing too high pressured, but we can capture a nice variation of photographs. 

I am happy to guide couples as little or as much as they require, and am also more than happy to work with any creative ideas you may have yourselves if asked. 


I mainly edit in colour, but will usually edit about 20-30 per cent of the images in black and white as well (so you'll have them in both). Certain images jump out at me as having the potential to look amazing in black and white - so I use my judgement as to what will look good.  

What happens after the wedding?

I know how very important wedding photographs are, so spend a long time hand-editing each individual image making sure the composition, colour balance, and overall feel is perfect. 

I provide couples with a gallery of preview images (around fifteen 'sneak peeks') with one week of the wedding. The full-set will be delivered with six weeks. 


I offer a range of professional products such as prints & coffee table boxes, high-end photo books, and thank-you cards, but am also more than happy to work alongside you (with no charge of course!) to advise on how to make your own products. 


I don't like having my photo taken! Will this be a problem?

Not at all. I understand that a lot people are not comfortable in front of the lens (I'm one of those people myself!). I will strive to make you feel at ease, and we will work out a strategy together  in advance of your wedding day. I have a very unobtrusive style of capturing photographs, and if you're worried about posed photos we can plan to concentrate on the more natural shots if preferred.


It may make you feel better to know that LOADS of brides and grooms have expressed a concern about being in front of eth camera in the past, but they all been absolutely fine on the big day itself. There's so much going on, and it's such a whirlwind of joy, that photographs are usually the last thing on people's minds. You won't even know I'm there most of the time :)




Couples are also absolutely more than welcome to get in touch with any questions they may have before the big day. There is no such thing as a silly question, and no limit to the amount of emails you can send me! Also feel free to ask me questions that aren't photography related if you need help. I.e. If you're looking for a band then feel free to ask if I know of anyone. I have a host of wedding-related contacts, and am well placed to research on your behalf.

Wedding Photography questions