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A little about the Kate Fierek Photography Journey ...

I've had a huge love for photography since childhood, and have owned numerous cameras over the years. My first was bought from Toys R Us over thirty years ago using saved up pocket money. It was only about £8 and could fit in the palm of your hand, but it took surprisingly good photos. Of course you couldn't see the results until the film had been finished and sent off. I mainly captured pictures of my cat, my garden, and my sister's horrendous 80s bowl haircut (Sorry Bec).

Several cameras later and I'm now using a fantastic professional Nikon body with a range of lenses.

I started taking photographs professionally when I became a Community Publisher for Northcliffe Media in early 2010. Most of the work was editorial based, but I regularly had to attend events and take photographs for the website. My highlights were photographing N-Dubz, and being strapped to the back of the official Olympic Torch media bus - which drove the route just a few meters in front of the flame carriers. It was such an honour to travel with the torch and to see the event up-close in all it's glory.

I started a BA (Hons) degree in Digital Art & Technology in September 2007, and completed it with a high 2:1 in June 2012. During this time I honed my technical & post-production skills, which are absolutely essential in today's photography world.

My first wedding was in the summer of 2011, when I offered to be the second photographer for a friend's big day. I got the bug, and quickly volunteered to shoot for as many friends, and friends of friends, as possible - working for free, and often alongside a professional photographer.  I soon began to build up experience and a portfolio, and after completing my degree, and investing a scary amount of money into professional equipment , I moved into the world of professional wedding photography on my own. I did this alongside working part-time at HMS Raleigh as a Graphic Designer and Videographer for 2 years, before making the move to work as a Wedding Photorapher full-time. Now, in 2019, I have shot at over 40 venues throughout Devon & Cornwall, and have captured nearly 200 weddings in total. I have loved every moment, and have received some very high praise for my work. I have had my images professionally published, and was shortlisted as a finalist in the South West Wedding Awards for 'Best Bespoke Wedding Photographer'.

My plans are to keep working in this field, to keep meeting lovely couples, and to keep doing what I love! - Creating beautiful wedding photographs!

Over the last few years I have been asked to capture several wedding films as well as providing wedding photography. I was trained as a videographer, and have spent years filming, producing, and editing footage on a professional basis. Up until 2018 I was fully immersed in the photography side of the business, but I am now taking lots more bookings for wedding video work ... which is very exciting :)

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